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Porcelain Pottery

About Porcelain Pottery

The most elegant kind of pottery is porcelain pottery. Besides ceramic pottery, people also admire porcelain pottery. It was developed in China during the Tang dynasty around 618-907 A.D. Perhaps, for this, it is also known as China or Chinaware. It displays delicate and soft appearance with intricate design. Varied porcelain pottery products are used for home décor and as centerpieces. Besides, other items of porcelain include crockery, cutlery, dinnerware and other laboratory equipments.

Kinds of Porcelain Used to Making Pottery
There are 3 kinds of porcelain: soft paste, hard paste and Bone China. The most popular kind of porcelain is bone china. This porcelain is made up of kaolin, bone ash and petuntse. These days, dinnerware and varied collection of cutlery items are mad up of bone china. In fact, items of bone china are famous all over the world. Soft paste porcelain is made up of white clay and glass. On the other hand, the most authentic kind of porcelain is hard paste clay. It is made up of kaolin and petuntse.

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Porcelain Pottery—an Overview

The different ways to embellish porcelain are: glazing, engraving, painting, carving, varnishing and metal plating. And the different patterns and designs used for decorating porcelain pottery are geometric, floral, abstract, linear and traditional Indian designs and patterns. Deep blue color is the most common color while decoration and painting.

Process of Making Porcelain Pottery

Before making porcelain pottery, porcelain has to be created. Porcelain is basically an amalgamation of kaolin and clay. White color clay is known as kaolin, which is made up of feldspar. Another type of feldspar is petuntse. Both these materials are mixed together and molded by hand or on potter’s wheel. Then, at a very high temperature, it is fired in a kiln wherein kaolin does not dissolve but petuntse melts and forms a glass-like structure. And finally, it groups with kaolin.

pottery pottery pottery pottery