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Islamic Pottery

The term pottery denotes ceramic ware made by potters. The term more elaborately describes different range of ceramics like earthenware, porcelain and stoneware. The place where these objects are made is called as potteries.

Historical Perspective:
The Islamic pottery came into light around seventh century. Since there is immense scarcity of information, the early history of Islamic pottery is still vague. Other than tiles which somehow managed to escape the destruction for its frequent use in architectural decoration of many mosques and buildings, many early and medieval potteries faced a huge destruction. The only source left for this subject are two books written by Lane which makes major contribution in understanding the history of Islamic pottery. The Muslim pottery craft is nothing new. It was an inherited art that Muslims received from Persia, Mesopotamia and Egypt. The Islamic pottery is divided into three subsections; the early medieval, middle and post medieval. In the history of Islamic pottery, the potters from China, Egypt and Greece helped the Islamic potters with new creative ideas and resources.

pottery pottery pottery pottery
Islamic Pottery Types:

Some Islamic pottery are most sophisticated and created beautifully on the pattern of medieval world. Most of Islamic potteries portray the statues of their owners. Like any other religion the Islamic pottery denotes different religious faiths and decorations. Most of the Islamic potteries describe decoration of tiles with religious implications. The art of calligraphy was also seen in those. The Islamic potters then used to take those potteries in decoration of interior and exterior of the mosques and monuments. Most of the Islamic potteries are known for different techniques. Every Islamic pottery is best known for its aesthetically decorative designs, luster ware glazes and abundant use of ceramics. Different Islamic pottery varies exquisitely in terms of shape, size and carvings. The Islamic potteries are also famous for their intricate decoration which basically includes floral patterns, animal motifs and calligraphy.

Present Scenario:

Till today the Islamic potters keenly decorate their work with unique style of calligraphy. The use of calligraphy on the Islamic pottery mostly depicts religious stories and sacred teachings from Quran. Even in modern times the Islamic potteries are especially famous for application of intricate designs and decorations. Many Muslim families still love to decorate their home with beautiful Islamic pieces. It has also become a major trade business. Different home décor pieces are exported to different countries of world.

pottery pottery pottery pottery