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Indian Potpourri

About Potpourri Potpourri refers to a collection or variety of everything together. No doubt, India is a rich land of colors, traditions and cultures. Indian subcontinent is a unique mélange of everything that can range from jewelry to handicrafts; from home décor items to wooden crafts to sculptures. Hence, India is truly an Indian potpourri. We, Indians are highly fortunate to be a part of it. Indeed, India is a country of cultural relations, the flavor of which has been tasted by other countries as well. Let us know about some of the collections of Indian potpourri.

Indian Wooden Crafts Indian wooden craft is very popular and common. The coconut wooden craft is well known in West Bengal and Kerala. There are numerous items made from wood that pave way into almost every small or big house. Items like boxes, trays, key chains and small figurines are crafted from sandalwood. This is famous in Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. Wood lacquer ware is famous in Etikopakka and brightly painted wooden toys are highly admired and purchased from Kondapalli, Andhra Pradesh.
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Indian Textile

The production of textile holds a very important place—even today. The rich Indian textile is very famous across the world. The royal kings and emperors bear evidence to the fact that colorful textile industry was a part of India even thousand of years ago. In fact, the rich were the regular clients of the Indian textile industry. They were fond of exquisite collection of dress materials and other textile products. However, with rapid industrialization and with the advancement of contemporary or modern manufacturing techniques, there is a metamorphic change in the textile industry.

Indian Home Décor

There is a wide variety of choicest assemblage of wooden handicraft from India which is used for decoration purposes. These are perfect home décor items that speak of fashion, style and elegance. It displays superlative quality of ethnic as well as innovative items. Besides, there are other sculptures, pottery items and many other items that are functional as well as ornate.

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