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Hand Painted Pottery

Hand painted pottery is proliferating in the field of pottery making. Pottery making is an ancient art. People all over the world are crazy for different pottery items. Indeed, different pottery has varied paintings done on it, which makes it unique and one-of-its-kind. Perhaps, this is the reason that makes hand painted pottery all the more sought-after item these days. Different newspapers and magazines also discuss about the growing demand for hand painted pottery. Talavera is the oldest tin-glazed ceramic pottery from America. This is famous for its hand painting. We can trace the distinctive characteristics of Spanish, Arabic, Italian, Chinese and Mexican influence in these magnificent pottery.

Palestinian Hand painted Pottery

Palestinian hand painted pottery is very famous. Museums, exhibitions and other art institutions display different Palestinian pottery all over the world. The different hand painted boxes, trays, candle holders, candle domes, sugar and creamer set, cup and saucer set, large dip dish, large and small bowls, and various plates are the finest specimens of the Palestinian hand painted pottery. Using bright hues, the potters have depicted different floral motifs, patterns, birds and other geometric patterns on the plethora of pottery products. Indeed, the Smithsonian Museum of Washington showcased some of the really splendid and superb looking potteries, which were hand painted.

pottery pottery pottery pottery

Hawaiian Hand Painted Pottery

The boxed ceramic sets from Kuai are very famous hand painted pottery items. It displays four specific designs for theme of painting i.e. turtle, palm tree, pineapple, and banana leaf. The other Hawaiian potteries showcase the fine Hawaiian art, culture and traditions. The most popular subject matter for painting Hawaiian pottery revolves around varied floral theme and motifs. Besides, there are hand painted ceramic tiles too from Hawaii.

So, purchase some of the exclusive collection of hand painted potteries from around the world.

pottery pottery pottery pottery