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Glazed Ceramic Pottery

Historical Perspective:

The glazed ceramic pottery was firstly introduced in India during the twelfth century A.D. i.e. during the rule of Muslim monarchs. They highly encouraged this exotic craft by helping some skilled craftsmen in settling to India from Middle East. The idea of pottery making has been originated in India from the Neolithic period. In the Neolithic age there were handmade potteries comprising range of jars, bowls and other vessels. Next was the wheel made pottery at the time of Indus Valley and Harappan civilization. Various excavations held in India prove that pottery making was the most ancient Indian traditional handicraft. Some other excavation sites of Gujarat brought in front of us glazed Persian model pottery which had used Indian patterns and designs. The glazed ceramic pottery is also made like ceramic potteries.

Manufacturing Process:
The basic process of making glazed ceramic pottery is similar to other pottery making. Actually the glazing coat is applied to the pottery to improve the decoration of the finished product. The method of making glaze on pottery product is unique. It is applied by spraying, dipping, trailing, brushing and even by dusting the pot over the clay. The glazed color differs highly before heating the pot on fire from later on. One other method of glazing the ceramic products is by applying salt which is popularly called salt glazing. In salt glazing common salt is used in the kiln and a peel orange texture is produced.
pottery pottery pottery pottery

Present Scenario: Bali in Indonesia is rich in producing glazed ceramic pottery. Bali pottery is world wide famous and the small island supplies wholesale pottery product to the international market. Another country famous for producing glazed ceramic products is Vietnam. Of course we cannot forget about China while talking about ceramic products. The Chinese glazed ceramic pottery is no doubt famous and it plays an important role in the international market. In modern dish garden arrangement the glazed ceramic pottery plays a vital role. Today generally the products available in the category of glazed ceramic pottery are glazed outdoor pottery pot, glazed ceramic flower pots, glazed ceramic bonsai pots, orchid glazed ceramic pots and many others. Another modern use of glazed ceramic pottery is used in glazed ceramic tiles. This quality of decorative tiles is a popular choice of decorating walls, cabinets and windows. The glazed pottery tiles are frequently used in bathroom, bedroom, living room, kitchen and even gardens and lounges.

pottery pottery pottery pottery