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Glass Potpourri

A very well known saying: “keep something for long enough and it will come back into style”. This adage has turned true with the new concept of potpourri. Indeed, the garden of fragrance is paving its way back into vogue these days. This is so, as people are relearning the modus operandi of blending fragrances, which was known to our forefathers. Glass potpourri is one of the examples of earlier techniques of blending fragrances. It is mostly used for decorative purposes. You can even gift it your loved ones.

Glass Potpourri—An Overview According to the dictionary, potpourri refers to ‘a mixture of dried petals of roses or other flowers with spices, kept in a jar for their fragrance’. Pronounced as ‘po poo ré’, this is generally a collection of many things into a single container. Indeed, dried flower is the basic component for a potpourri. A wooden bowl is generally used to collect varied components and finally make a potpourri. But, these days glass vessel or a glass vase is preferred as it is see-through material. Moreover, the different hues of flowers and other substances look really appealing and hypnotic in glass containers. Hence, the term glass potpourri. Sometimes, it is even tied in small bags.
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Background of Potpourri

The history of potpourri dates back to the Egyptians, who made it an integral part of their ritual. During nineteenth century, American women were known to make these exquisite potpourri bags at home.

Potpourri has descended from French word ‘pot pourri’. Actually, pot pourri is the French name for a stew in Spain. This stew contained wide variety of vegetables and ingredients known as ‘olla podrida’. But in English, potpourri refers to collection or assortment of varied and diverse items. Hence, the common usage of word is borrowed from English.

Procedure of Making Glass Potpourri

The process of making glass potpourri is not taxing at all. You have to just gather the materials and follow certain simple steps. Lay the dried petals of the flowers in a glass bowl and add fixative. Immediately stir in the flower oil and mix well but lightly so that you do not crush the petals altogether and form powder. You should be careful enough. Then tie it in a bag and allow it to get processed and flavored for about six weeks. Do not forget to turn bag in order to evenly distribute the fixative. Finally, you can place these in

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