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Clay Pottery

About Clay Pottery

Number of fine-grained, earthy materials is coined together as clay. This particular substance is known to become plastic when wet and solid when fired. Pottery made with clay is called as clay pottery. Clay is usually gathered from wet places, generally where rivers and streams flow. It has been used for ages now to make different pottery products, which were initially used for utilitarian purposes all over the world. Clay Pottery offers uniqueness in designs and patterns and simply looks stunning. With fineness of grain, clay pottery is available in different colors. These days, it is used for decoration.

Clay Pottery in India

We all know that any country’s civilization is measured in terms of its pottery. Hence, India is well known for its pottery even at the time when history was non-existent. In India, the figures of gods and goddesses were created in clay. So, the varied pots and pottery were also designed in clay. In fact, India has a very affluent tradition of clay crafts and pottery. There is hardly any Hindu festival or ritual, which is celebrated without bringing in different clay pottery items or earthenware. Thereby, Indian clay pottery is a mélange of skilled craftsmanship, brilliant concept and design.

Different Kinds of Clay Used for Pottery

The three most common types of clay are:

  • Earthenware,

  • Stoneware, and

  • Kaolin.
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    Earthenware is the most common clay. It has the property of melting at cooler temperature than any other clay. It is also known as low-fire clay. Until glazed, this clay is available in white or gray color. It is generally used for making, pots, tiles and other low-fire wares.
    Stoneware is characterized by hard and durable quality. The clay color ranges from light gray or tan to dark gray or chocolaty brown. It is used for making crocks and jugs and is now typically used to make dinnerware.
    Kaolin is the purest form of clay. It is known as China clay. This cannot be termed as plastic clay. It is high-fire clay and is used for making porcelain.

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