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Ceramic Tile

Want to give a wide variety of choice and a unique aesthetic effect to your home? Then ceramic tile is apt for you. Ceramic tile offers natural look and texture. It is sure to fulfill all your requirements for innovating your home or your office. In fact, selecting ceramic floor tile is a very balanced choice as it provides sophistication with tradition, color with design and beauty combined with excellent finesse.

Tile made from ceramic is known as ceramic tile. This tile is baked at very high temperatures. It is a hard kind of substance yet very attractive and eye-catching. Some of the ceramic tiles are glazed with a layer of liquid glass. On the other hand, some of the ceramic tiles impart more rustic, earthly and rustic appearance. Ceramic tiles require very little care and maintenance. Ceramic tile retains virtually no dirt and can be kept clean with water and a damp cloth or mop. Ceramic tile is also naturally fire resistant and can actually help to maintain a structure in the event of a fire, making it popular choice of flooring material by the safety conscious.

Kinds of Ceramic Tiles

The two kinds of ceramic tiles are:
  • Porcelain Tile: Porcelain tile is a very refined type of ceramic tile. It has almost all the attributes of ceramic tile. Besides, you get the most classic look. Porcelain tile is perfect for interiors, bathrooms, laundry rooms and kitchens. The characteristic feature of porcelain tile includes practicality, durability, hardness and moisture resistance. Moreover, it lends beauty and refinement at the same time.

  • Saltillo Tile: this tile provides attractive contrast to the more stately and graceful porcelain tile. It emphasizes the casual appeal of the Southwest in any indoor setting. It gives casual and rustic appearance. Besides, it also brings in the rugged essence of the American Southwest.
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    Talavera Ceramic Tile

    With regard to Talavera ceramic tile, it was said ‘someone that would not amount to anything in life would never have a Casa de Azulejos or a house of tiles’. While speaking of ceramic tiles, how can we forget to mention the ceramic tiles coming down from Pueblo? The ceramic tiles of Talavera are used to deck up every building, patio and even kitchens. In fact, the famous ‘azulejos’—tiles magnificently and elegantly decorated cupolas, façades of monasteries and buildings, and was the quintessential element of Puebla’s extravagant and ornate architecture. The ceramic tiles symbolized prosperity of the owners of a particular house or building. This was very much popular in Mexico, China and Spain.

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