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Blue Pottery

Bonsai is the art of artistic The capital city of Delhi is famous for Blue pottery. This blue pottery has a very old tradition, which is very idiosyncratic. This pottery art form has been named as blue pottery because of the use of eye-catching Persian blue dye to color the clay.

The Processes of Making Blue Pottery:

Blue pottery has to go through a complicated and wide process of manufacturing that include glazed and high-fired process, which makes it harder than most of the others. The process of making blue pottery is very boring and time consuming. You just canít expect the exact blue shade of your choice on these blue potteries, because these can take any other shades of blue when it gets ready. Any of smallest mistakes could lead to the pottery either breaking up or turning black. For all of these troubles very few people are willing to experiment in these blue potteries.

Blue Pottery: as a Decorative Product
Blue pottery is very famous as a decorative item, which can be an ideal gift and souvenir. But the main thing is that, its practical use is very limited. Some of this blue pottery is semi-transparent. In the market you can find blue potteries with varied designs painted on them. You can find these blue potteries mostly decorated with animal and bird motifs.
pottery pottery pottery pottery
Blue Pottery of Jaipur:

The Jaipur blue pottery is equally famous and unique. Blue pottery is widely known as an orthodox craft of Jaipur. This came to Jaipur in the early 19th century in the reign of Sawai Ram Singh II. He encouraged artists and craftsmen from all over the country to come and stay here. Blue pottery has seen quite a few ups and downs in its life span. These blue pottery items, unlike that of Delhi are made out of Egyptian paste and the artisans of Jaipur fired them at very low temperature. This is the reason that the blue potteries are more fragile, and for that few can resist the charisma of the delicate blue and white decorative motifs. The range of the blue pottery items is primarily ornamental such as

  • Ashtrays,
  • Vases,
  • Coasters,
  • Small bowls and
  • Boxes for jewelry.

    pottery pottery pottery pottery