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Art Pottery

The beginning of Indian Art Pottery can be traced back to the New Stone age. At that time handmade pottery artisans used to include various colors in their pottery art, such as red, orange, brown, black and cream. At that time the production of Indian Art Pottery was consisted of different types of bowls, jars, vessels, etc.

Arrival of Wheel-made Art Pottery:
Harrappan and Mohanjodaro cultures acclaimed the age of wheel-made art pottery. These art potteries were characterized by well-burnt red earthenware painted with black color. The phase of glazed art pottery began in the 12th century. At this phase Muslim rulers boosted the potters from the Middle East to stay in India. You can find few glazed art potteries of this period in Gujarat which carry both the characteristics of glazed pottery of Persian as well as Indian designs.
Terracotta Art Pottery:
The terracotta pottery is a kind of art pottery of India which are made by hand or on the wheel, and firing them in an open oven. The outside of this pottery is rubbed and polished with a wood or stones. The beautiful terracotta art pottery works are ideally used for home decoration. Artisans in states of Bihar, Bengal and Gujarat prepare clay figures of their Gods and Goddesses during festivals.
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Blue Art Pottery:
The transparent blue art pottery of Delhi and Jaipur, with its unique decoration patterns, has added a touch of dignity to the art of pottery of India. Blue art pottery is also very famous as a decorative item which can be an ideal gift and souvenir. But the main thing is that its practical use is very limited. Some of this blue art pottery is semi-transparent. In the market you can find blue art potteries with varied designs painted on them. You can find these blue potteries mostly decorated with animal and bird motifs.

pottery pottery pottery pottery