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Antique Pottery

The beginning and the growth of pottery in India can be traced back to the New Stone Age. Antique handmade pottery of that age mainly comprised of different types of bowls, jars, vessels and much more. Wheel made pottery was ushered in the time of the Indus Valley and Harappan civilization. Archeological query found many antique potteries of that period which can tell us that one of the most important traditions in Indian life in the earlier days was pottery making. The archeological explorations at Harappa and Mohenjodaro have discovered antique potteries where we can find some art works. Terracotta figures of a dancing girl, other female figures and male figures, etc. are engrafted on them. These forms of antique pottery are no doubt the indispensable creations of the primitive men on whom we all are artistically inclined.
Antique Pottery as a History Narrator:
The antique pottery pieces tell us a lot about the life of the pre-historic people. They tell us about the dress, food habits, occupation, recreation and life style of the people Indus Valley civilization. The antique pottery of India that has been discovered at the Harappa and Mohenjodaro sites also comprise terracotta masks, a number of vague objects, jewelry and utensils.

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Tips on Antique Pottery Collection:

If you are planning to buy an antique pottery then you should keep one thing in mind that you should not reject purchasing antique ceramic pottery with minor damage. By doing this you may limit your collection to common pieces as most antique pottery will demonstrate some minor damages. You can’t find these antique art objects in perfect condition.

Varied Antique Pottery Items:

If you visit any art museum there you can find a wide collection of historical & antique pottery which includes: Coffee Pots, Cups, Dishes, Egg Stand, Flatware, lower Bricks, Footbath, Inkstand, Inkwell, Jars, Jugs, Mugs, Pickle Dish,Pots,Saucers, Tea Caddies, Teapot, Tiles, Vases and many more.

pottery pottery pottery pottery