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Pottery is referred to as something that is made up of clay. When the clay is wet, it is shaped into various forms to make finest pieces of pots, figurines, sculptures and many other things. It is used both as decorative object and for utilitarian purpose for day-to-day work. Some of the useful wares of pottery include bowls, vessels, dinnerware and crockery. Pottery is turned in to a decorative item after different hand painting done on it. Skilled persons who make this exquisite pottery are known as potters whereas the place where these products are made is called potteries.
History of Pottery
Pottery is an age-old art of making earthenware and utensils that was used for decoration as well as for daily needs. People knew about pottery even when history was non-existent. At that time, ceramic pottery known to all was Gravettian figurines that were found at Czech Republic, then Dolni Vestonice. Indeed, the earliest pottery was by the Jomon people of Japan. They had a code marking on their varied pottery products known as Jomon or ‘cord-marked’. Then, gradually pottery making developed in North Africa around tenth millennium and in South America around seventh millennium.
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