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Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture is specifically for garden and patios, terrace and lawn. Outdoor furniture is selected carefully, as it has to endure changing weather extremes. So, top-notch quality furniture is required for outdoors. There are many companies who bring to us high quality and durable furniture. Outdoor furniture enlivens the space of the garden or patio and allows you the opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty for hours! So, let us find out about the different kinds of outdoor furniture at India Handicraft Store.

Teak Outdoor Furniture
Teak outdoor furniture as the name suggests is made with teak which is known for durability and sustenance for years. There is premium quality teak garden, patio and outdoor furniture for everyone to choose and purchase from the market. There are varied designs that range from classic, modern and contemporary designs to that of exquisite pieces that are not just beautiful and functional but extremely durable. There is patio wicker furniture too. Outdoor teak furniture in conjunction with stainless steel and aluminum also looks superb especially for lounge area. Other contemporary design is just awesome and wonderful. The extensive range of teak outdoor furniture is universally appealing and significantly enhances the exterior spaces of all fine homes and gardens.There are:
  • Garden benches,
  • Folding chairs,
  • Stacking chairs,
  • Steamers and
  • Loungers
Outdoor Furniture Outdoor Furniture Outdoor Furniture Outdoor Furniture
Cast Iron Outdoor Furniture

One of the most popular outdoor furniture is that of cast iron furniture. As the name suggests, the furniture is a casting of iron. Iron is durable for years and probably, this is the reason that this furniture is extensively used for outdoors as well as for indoors. Around sixth century, Chinese were the ones to use cast iron first. They used it to support pagodas and other monuments and buildings. Then, it was introduced in Europe around fifteenth century in Germany, Netherlands and Scandinavia. Cast iron furniture enables fine craftsmanship and designs with intricate details since it can be easily molded into any shape. Moreover, it is very famous as it can be designed and patterned or customized according to the specific requirement. It is available in wide ranges of ornate designs and patterns and is perfect choice for garden and patios. The advantages of cast iron outdoor furniture are:

  • Specially coated for weather resistance
  • Easy to Maintain, strong, heavy and durable
  • Economical
  • Corrosion proof
Select the kind of furniture you like and give a brand new definition of style and fashion to the lounge, garden or patio. You can get the desired outdoor furniture from any furniture shop. Besides, exhibitions and fairs are also good choice.

Outdoor Furniture Outdoor Furniture Outdoor Furniture Outdoor Furniture