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Furniture Chairs

Indian Furniture has fame and reputation all over the world for its unique styling and best quality. Anywhere you go there is a possibility you will see a furniture chair of some genus. You can find varied kind of chairs in restaurants, office buildings, schools, hospitals and even in department stores.
Varied Furniture Chairs:
In the market you can find furniture chairs in different kinds, sizes, styles, colors and materials. Furniture chairs are such a basic necessity that you just can’t even think about your complete home décor without using furniture chairs. An ideal house should have all kinds of different furniture chairs. You can keep them any where in the living room… next to the sofa, in the dining room or kitchen next to the table, in bedrooms and in front of computers and on the lawn. Some people even keep furniture chairs in bathrooms.In India you can find chairs made of different materials. There are varied designs and sizes also. Different states of India, has their own styles of making decorative furniture chair. Few famous furniture chairs are discussed below:

Wooden Furniture Chairs from Rajasthan
This Indian wooden furniture set comes from Kishangarh, in Rajasthan. The wooden chairs have beautifully imprinted designs. The furniture chairs come with a matching wooden chowki or low stool. This Indian furniture set speaks of the glory of Indian woodcrafts traditions. Sometimes the furniture chair either carries the traditional miniature motifs. The wood used in making these furniture chairs are babool, Indian Rosewood or Mango.
Furniture Chairs Furniture Chairs Furniture Chairs Furniture Chairs
Tribal Pida Chair
This is a handmade low seating tribal chair. These furniture chairs are made of solid Indian rosewood. This chair is traditional yet contemporary with its geometric woven back. The color combinations are created by dyeing the yarn. This chair will give your living room an informal yet elegant look. They are also very comfortable to use. These chairs can be broke up for easy transport and storage.
Furniture Chairs Furniture Chairs Furniture Chairs Furniture Chairs