Silk Painting

Silk painting is a form of art whereby painting is executed on silk material on the silk canvas. Painting on silk is a very elaborate process and requires extraordinary skills and efficiency. Silk painting is a direct paint-on method and is not static.

Silk painting, as we know it in the contemporary period was popularized by a French artist Litza Bain. Silk paintings can be designed as functional art such as wearable art or for home décor.

Silk Painting of India

Silk Painting of India has a long and rich tradition. The softness, elegance and flexibility of style of the Indian Paintings are reflected on the Indian Silk Paintings. Silk has been used as a medium for art and crafts since the Middle Ages. The process of retaining the paint on the silk canvas makes the silk stiff in quality and is often mistaken as paper art. Silk paintings in India reached the summits of success during the Mughal rule in the early 17 th to 19 th century.

Silk Painting of Vietnam

Painting on silk is a very popular form of art in Vietnam. By applying contemporary colors in a unique way to create a charming sense of mystique, Vietnamese silk paintings have won the accolades of many art lovers. The smoothness, grace and suppleness of the Vietnamese silk paintings reached its highest period of success during the years 1925-1945. The unique character and transparency of colors make the silk paintings of Vietnam different from those of ancient China and Japan.

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