Sign Painting

Sign Painting means applying a paintbrush to surfaces and to create letters, forms and symbols. It has a long history and in ancient times special apprenticeship was given to teach this art form. It was quite complex and it took several years to master this art.

The signs stand for an object, a person, an idea or perhaps for some well known incident or figure.These sign paintings use acrylic, wet, spray shellac kind of paints. Sometimes bright colors are used to highlight certain words and sometimes light colors are used. Customers at times decide the colors and styles while making the sign paintings since now this art is a commercial one. One of the important factors while deciding the color is that it should be weather-resistant and durable. There are many well-known sign painters all over the world.

Sign Painting Technique

Sign Painting is not very common nowadays as it is getting fast replaced. There are various types of sign painting. For instance, wall painting is done using the wing stage pattern in which the stage is tied to the top of the building and is hung loose. The work is done from the top to bottom so that the colors are not smudged. Lettering is done by firstly painting big swatches of the desired color and then it is highlighted with a small brush. There are similar techniques for various surfaces.


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