One-Stroke Painting

One-Stroke Painting

One-stroke Painting or Tole Painting as it was previously known, is a fast growing painting technique all over the world and has been invented by Donna Dewberry.

It is a rapidly popularizing form of decorative painting for all budding painters because it is very easy and exciting as well.

During 1700's this type of painting was mainly done to decorate potteries and furniture and special apprenticeship was given for teaching the style. Nowadays, however, it is done on bags, scrapbooks, clothing, walls, wooden frames, pots and many other surfaces.

In one-stroke painting, various kinds of brushes are used like flat brush, filbert brush, angle-brush, fan brush, etc. The colors mostly depend on the choice of the painter. The subject of one-stroke painting can be flowers, birds, animals, landscapes, food items, water, sky or any household thing. These paintings can be made on any kind of surfaces. With the help of one-stoke painting a very personal touch can be added to all our daily as well as gift items.
One-Stroke Training:
One-stroke painting has been made easy through the books written by Donna Dewberry. These books have simple instructions which make them very user-friendly. Donna has also trained almost 4,500 painters who now instruct the budding artists. The training institutes also provide certifications and offer various kinds of short as well as long term courses. Donna has also developed her unique range of gift items made with one-stroke painting.

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