Furniture Painting

Furniture Painting

Furniture is one of the basic necessities in today’s world. Painting furniture has been developed from the need of decorating a piece of furniture and not sculpting it. It is very different from the traditional forms of painting and is mainly done for decorating homes.

Furniture painting not only helps in painting the furniture but also removes stains, patches and repairs it.There are many ways to paint furniture. For instance, using a different color for the legs of a chair then that of the seat and back. Also other processes like Faux painting, Tole Painting or Sponge painting techniques can be used for the purpose. One of the most important aspects is to apply primer on those areas where there are stains on the wood. The type of primer depends on the paint that one wants to use. There are latex-based primers and oil- based primers. Latex paints are easier to use. Nowadays there are many online shops as well as books which provide necessary details and instructions on furniture painting.

Furniture Painting Tips
Furniture Painting is not very difficult. It is not a very time-consuming work First of all; you need to sand the area with a sand-paper as this will remove all the dirt. Fill up the dents with wood putty and after it dries up start applying the paint in coats. After the primer dries up apply the final coating of the color. Always remember to add an extra coating to the top surface as it is always exposed to the weather.

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