Face Painting

Since times immemorial face painting has been a popular form of body art. Face painting is in fact an artistic application of cosmetic paints to an individualís face. The art of face painting serves a plethora of purposes from being a creative pastime to being an indispensable aspect of theatre.

Face painting has also serves as intimidate during wars and has even graces many tribal festivities. Face painting carries deep spiritual significance especially for the Aboriginal tribes of Australia. In the recent times face painting has gained huge popularity in the modern society especially as a hobby and even as a profession. Face painters are in great demand in the party circuits, theatres and even charity events.

Face painting is an elaborate process and in order to master the art of face painting one must know about face paints, brushes, paint colors, hygiene and designs in details. For face painting one must use the paints especially made for the purpose. The most popular face paints are the water based ones as they are easiest to wash off. While painting faces a thin brush should be used for details while the medium sized brushes should be used for focusing on the body of the painting. Another important consideration to be kept in mind while face painting is the hygiene factor. For designs of face painting you can easily refer to the design books and online design guides. To learn face painting you don't need to be an artist. Prepare yourself to master the art of face painting at home or else join an institution where the basics are taught as the art of face painting is becoming the rage of the fashion circuit in the recent times.

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