Wildlife Painting

Watercolor Painting

The wildlife attractions in the Indian subcontinent are huge and worth appreciating. The Ranthambore School of Art first revolutionized the concept of wildlife painting in India. The main purpose for the development of this school is to help preserve the fast diminishing hoard of tigers of the Ranthambhore Wildlife Sanctuary .

Students from the neighboring villages and towns are recruited with the aim of keeping the beautiful image of tiger in the minds of people. The wildlife paintings created by the students and teachers are definitely marvels worth seeing and treasuring lifelong. The price range of these wildlife paintings range from Rs.1000 to Rs.75, 000. Majestic yet haunting, each piece of wildlife painting of this art school will accentuate your room décor with

The wildlife paintings of the Ranthambore School of Art are done in watercolors and have an amazing effect. Many of these painting had such a realistic touch that it seemed the majestic animal was actually on the prowl or sat under the refreshing shade on a hot, summer day. The keen observation power of the painters is put into use by themselves to infuse life into their paintings. The wildlife paintings of the Ranthambore School of Art convey a message which is solely devoted to the purpose of saving the wildlife species which are on a brink of extinction.

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