Renaissance Painting

Renaissance Painting

The historical age in Italy, popularly known as Renaissance period witnessed the revivification of learning based on classical sources such as the development of outlook in painting and also the advancement of technology.

The Early Renaissance painting did not appear till the early 1420's, a decade later than the Donatello's. The mythological paintings of Sandro Botticelli exemplify the Renaissance interest in pagan subject matter.

Characteristics of Renaissance Painting

The Renaissance paintings are mainly characterized by the explosion of creative genius. Renaissance paintings predominantly featured religious themes besides some purely figurative themes. The Renaissance paintings are imbued with mysticism of the abstinent and are far-flung from the sensualism of the pagan themes and sheer aestheticism. The most important characteristic that distinguishes the Renaissance painting of Spain from that of Italy, Germany and France relates more to subject matter than style. All the characteristics of Renaissance painting can be elaborately traced in the compositions of popular artists like the mighty Florentines, the Umbrian, Raffaello Sanzilo, along with the great Venetian masters Tintoretto, Titian and Veronese.

High Renaissance Painting

The High Renaissance period is described as that era in Italy in which occurred the climax of Renaissance art and painting. The High Renaissance painting is mainly characterized by harmony and balance in creation. Forms, colors and proportions, light and shade effects, perspective, spatial harmony, composition, anatomy were all handled by the Renaissance artists with total control and a level of accomplishment.

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