Flower Painting

For many centuries flowers have been used to express emotion and thus the art of flower painting has gained much popularity worldwide. The art of flower painting is an attempt to capture the delicate beauty of flowers in a beautiful composition.

The fragrance of flowers and their behavior in response to several natural and physical attributes such as thorns have led to their association with many different states of mind and being.

A wide assortment of themes such as death, love and beauty, power and loyalty, vitality, fantasy and temptation is related to the art of flower painting. Flower painting is considered to be a magical form of art as we derive some sort of satisfaction about painting a flower and preserving just what it was like forever. Popular painters like Monet and Van Gough have carved a niche for themselves in the art of flower painting.Chinese Flower Painting

The lotus flower painting is a popular choice in the Chinese painting tradition as it is related to Chinese culture and Buddhism. The lotus flower is of unique importance in Chinese symbolism and folklore and it also epitomizes mental purity. The lotus flower is elegantly depicted in the Chinese flower paintings and may also include fish and other auspicious birds which have much symbolic implication. The lotus flower painting became so popular in China that special schools were established where the basic teachings were imparted to master the art.Creating effective mural paintings often comprise many different techniques, painting, glazing, and perspective to name a few. But the most important factor is your own imagination. One of the world’s most famous mural paintings is that of ‘The Last Supper’.

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