Modern Art Painting

Modern Art Painting

Contemporary art and painting has turned towards a renewed interest in the form of Modern Art Painting. Modern art paintings actually depict the intensity by which the world appears to the painter.

Modern art paintings are mainly composed to focus on the inherent urge of mankind for peace and tranquility in this increasingly disunited world.

Origin of Modern Art Painting
The origin of Modern art painting can be traced back to the Renaissance Era. The concept of Modern art painting was the resultant product of the social and Cultural Revolution in this epoch. Modern art paintings actually refer to the art and painting forms of the 20th century. Innovation was the most distinct feature of these modern art paintings.

Characteristics of Modern Art Painting
Modern art paintings are often diffused with personal meanings. Some of the characteristics of modern art paintings are art for arts sake; engagement with popular culture; increased emphasis on originality; salutation of modern technology and employment of new techniques. Modern art paintings of India are trying to break from a post-colonial impact of depicting art solely from the traditional point of view. The artistic blend of all the contemporary trends can be seen in the famous modern art paintings of Jogen Choudhury, M.F. Hussain, Satish Gujral, G.M. Sheikh and others.

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