Landscape Painting

Indian Painting

The term ‘landscape’ is derived from the Dutch word ‘landschap’ which means a patch of cultivated land. Landscape painting is the depiction of scenery including mountains, trees, valleys, forests and rivers in any type of art work.

The sky almost always forms the background of the landscape paintings and the weather is also an important aspect of these picture compositions. Landscape painting is equally admired by both the artists and art-lovers. In the early part of the fifteenth century, landscape painting was established as a genre in the continent of Europe as a setting for human activity, often articulated in a spiritual discipline or theme.

Chinese Landscape Painting

By the time of disintegration of the Tang Dynasty, landscape painting of China has evolved as an independent genre of art. Most of the landscape paintings of this period were accomplished in blue and green mineral based pigments which lent a jewel like charm to them. During that time the concept of withdrawal into the natural world has become a major theme of inspiration of the painters.

Completely dissatisfied with the failure of the human order, refined individuals sought refuge and solace in the retreat of the natural world. During the early Song Dynasty the monochrome images of old trees, rocks, bamboos became emblems of their landscape paintings. Philosophical interest in nature also contributed to the rise of Chinese landscape paintings.

Landscape Painting Tips To master the art of landscape painting you need to put your own imagination. You should not include everything in your painting as it was there in the real life scene. You need to give more preference to the foreground and emphasize less on the background details. You should have a very good knowledge on how to mix the green colors in order to lend a more natural effect in your landscape paintings.

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