Concrete Painting

Concrete Painting

Concrete painting refers to the technique of painting concrete floors and tiles. Concrete painting is mainly done on walls and floors of the house. It is usually done when a crack develops on the floor or tiles. Concrete is a material used mainly for construction and which primarily consists of Portland cement, construction aggregate and water.

It is a very porous material and it can absorb water, chlorides and other substance. One of the main aspects of concrete painting is that fresh concrete should never be painted. The paint should breathe so that no moisture gets trapped beneath the surface as a result of which the paint might break off. Concrete sealers are used to prevent this kind of breakage as well as it wards off fungi, algae and mold. These should be carefully chosen as sometimes they discolor the cement or spoil the texture.

Concrete painting is rapidly gaining popularity. It can give a completely new look to the exterior and interior surfaces. Some types of concrete painting include architectural concrete finishes, decorative concrete overlays and coatings, concrete acid staining, seamless custom concrete flooring, thin concrete restoration and many others. The tools used for concrete painting include rakes, concrete-mixers, shovels, spreaders, straight-edger, tampers, etc. The colors used for concrete painting are silacote, deckote, epoxy and others.Nowadays, stamped concrete is used to decorate footways, pool decks, drive ways and other areas. It is available in various colors and is cheaper. With the help of concrete painting even the dullest surfaces can be made attractive.

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