Picasso Paintings

Picasso Paintings

Pablo Ruiz Picasso was a Spanish painter and sculptor. He is regarded as the co-founder of Cubism along with Georges Braque. Picasso's paintings are divided into periods known as Blue Period, Rose Period, African-Influenced Period, Analytic Cubism and Synthetic Cubism .Picasso was greatly influenced by Matisse .

Picasso's Blue Period consists of somber paintings in the shades of blue and green. Rose style is classified with more cheery colors such as orange and pink. Formal ideas started developing during the African-Influence Period. Analytic cubism is a style in which objects are analyzed in terms of their shapes and more brownish shades are used. Synthetic cubism is a further development of Cubism in which paper fragments are used in compositions, marking the first use of collage in painting. During First World War, Picasso made his works in a Neo-classical style. During 1930's he came in contact with the Surrealists and adopted their style in his

Some of the famous Picasso paintings include Guernica, Family of Saltimbanques, Three Musicians, Les Demoiselles d' Avignon among many others. Living at times in Paris and in Spain until 1904, his work during these years suggests feelings of desolation and darkness. Picasso and Braque also included tactile components such as cloth in their Synthetic Cubist works. After the First World War Picasso returned to traditional ideas and brighter shades and experimented less with Cubism.

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