Renowned German philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel has written that Painting is one of the three “romantic” arts along with poetry and music, for its symbolic and highly intellectual purpose.

The literal sense of painting is that it’s the depiction of colors over a surface with a certain theme. The surface can be of a paper, a wood, glass or the other. Painting is also said to be a drawing or a composition based on imagination or reality.

Painting is one of the most primitive arts. The geometric figures and colored pictures of animals inside the caves of Paleolithic age i.e. 5000 BC are the oldest testimonies of human painting. Caves of Bhimbetka can be referred to this fact. Similar cave paintings have been found in France, Spain, Portugal, China, and Australia etc.

In little advanced age when painting as an art had got the recognition, a large portion of painting was done on spiritual motifs and ideas. This was done with the depiction of mythological figures and biblical teachings. The surface of pottery was also a medium for painting for a long period. These developments coincided with the evolution of new ideas about color and other accessories like brushes and media. When the roots of painting as an art got entrenched properly some painters, theoreticians, writers and scientists including Goethe, Kandinsky, Newton, wrote their own color theories.

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