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Craft is an occupation that requires special skill especially manual skill. Art and craft are almost interrelated things and often these two words are overlapped in the usage. India is the land where there is an ages old tradition of arts and crafts. Since the genesis of civilizations in India in Indus Valley crafts have been most revered profession of numerous artificers. Almost each and every region of India represents a style of art with subtle nuances and variations.

To address this issue India Handicrafts Store presents you a vivid account of the handicrafts of all parts of India. You can browse though to get a profound understanding of Indian arts and craft. Kids can also quench their curiosity about craft and follow them according to their inclinations. Crafts patterns in India are aplenty and our information gallery provides an insight about each product in detail. The wooden crafts, metal crafts, glass crafts, paper crafts, and many other craft forms are discussed according keeping the relevant queries of people in mind. They can be beneficial to every ardent admirer of Indian art and craft and over all Indian culture. A look at the sections of sculptures, jewelry, home decorations, Indian paintings, handcrafted furniture, bags and purses and many more can yield useful information about art and crafts.

Read about these timeless craft traditions of India in this online information gallery.

Painting is the oldest art form which man began to practise. Since remote past man has been depicting his imagination on various media like caves, canvas, paper, pottery, leaves, cloth, glass and many more. Generalists and specialists both tried their hands in this art form and produced innumerable styles like miniature paintings, phad paintings, thangka paintings, madhubani paintings, warli paintings etc. Vast information on Paintings awaits you inside.
The textile tradition of India is perhaps the world's oldest textile tradition. Textile serves variety of purposes like clothing, carpeting, and furnishing. Textiles are also used for industrial purposes. The origin of Indian textile can be traced back to the ages of Indus Valley civilization. The household items like needles made of bone as well as a number of spindles unearthed at the excavation sites in the district of Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa
Metals were discovered to facilitate man in the performance of his various functions in primitive ages. Some metals definitely helped man to conquer his limitations in terms of hard and ever-lasting weapons. But discovery of metals did not stop with such metals but soft metals were also discovered, though inadvertently. These soft metals like gold, silver, copper etc. were having other important qualities that helped them to be utilized for other important functions. At this juncture
Since the evolution of mankind, these   pairs of hands have been busy in creation of new and novel things. Numerous Sculptures are the progeny of this consistent effort of ages. Artistic works on metal, paper, wood, glass, stones, clothes and many more materials have led to the flurry of crafty masterpieces applying different techniques. To get profound information about rich and varied sculpture you need to reach look inside.
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