Zari Handbags

Zari Handbags

Handbags saga of women is an unending one, no women can stop themselves from splurging on them. Handbags are not just to dump essentials when on move, rather they lend a stylish, graceful and elegant appeal to your personality.

There is a huge market for these handbags all over the globe. Zari handbags are a sign of real Indian ethnicity. The best part about these handbags is that they can match all kinds of attires. While they are perfect for the Indian traditional dresses like the sari and suits, zari handbags also go well with elegant evening gowns.

The Beautiful Zari

Zari strands are embedded in traditional Indian dresses to make them look more ethnic. Creative designers gradually started adopting zari for dress accessories and embellishments. Handbags were, of course, the first choice. If you look at the market of zari handbag, you are going to be astounded by the range. Different colored zari handbags, embellished with beads, crystals, stones, embroidery and zardosi designs rule the roost in the ladies’ accessories market. These are also some of the most expensive handbags, especially when the bag is made from pure zari such as gold or silver. Handmade bags are costlier as well. Small zari bags in potli model or purses without many embellishments can cost anywhere between INR 200 to INR 5000. Bigger handbags, jholas and sari bags can cost up to INR 2000. Zari bags which are heavily embellished with stones and embroidery can cost much more, depending on the type and amount of embellishments.

Maintaining Your Zari Handbag

Although these bags are very attractive to look at, they should be maintained with care. Some basic precautions need to be followed while using these handbags because zari strands are very delicate and can snap easily. So, you need to be careful when you take these bags out with you. Another big problem with these handbags is that with time, the zari darkens and becomes black if you do not take care of them in the right manner. Silver zari reacts with moisture and darkens, thereby ruining the look of your handbag. You should avoid taking your silver zari handbag out with you during wet seasons. Thirdly, the way you store these handbags is a very important deciding factor in order to ensure their durability. The best way to store these handbags is by wrapping them in soft muslin clothes or pure cotton clothes. These clothes prevent damage due to environmental factors and your handbag remains intact for years. Many zari handbags which do not use silver zari, rexine, artificial leather or real leather, can be washed. If you do decide that your handbag is dirty and needs a wash, use a very mild soap and do not brush it. Make sure that you dry the bag in the sun or blow-dry the bag with hot air in order to ensure that no moisture remains in it.

How to Test the Authenticity of Zari in Handbags?

When you buy zari handbags, you need to be very careful because a lot of stores sell fake zari bags at real zari prices. There is a very simple trick to test the authenticity of real zari. All you have to do is scratch the surface of zari strands with a key or a coin. If you find powdered substance or paint peeling off from the handbag, it is fake. Real metal zari neither crumbles nor peels.

Every woman should have a zari handbag in a neutral color, something which can match any color dress which she wears. A pale gold handbag or a multicolored one can be good choices.

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