Kantha Embroidery Bags

Kantha Embroidery Bags

Kantha embroidery is a specimen of rich craftsmanship by women in rural Bengal. It was an outcome of skills which were attained impulsively. This art was a very interesting way to convey stories of villages through hand stitched designs of birds, flowers and scenery. However, with the passage of time, this piece of art has penetrated into the style statement of urban girls as well. In fact, kantha embroidery bags teamed with wooden bangles, embroidered cotton skirts and kurtis act as the right combo to enhance your ethnic look.

Why Kantha Embroidery Bags have gained popularity?

Kantha embroidery bags are available in different shapes and sizes. They can be found in large rectangular shapes, small rounded shapes (batuas), and as Bengali traditional bags. The addition of these embroidered bags spell elegance for a girl’s regular look. Furthermore, the usability of these bags is one of the reasons behind their popularity.

Owning a kantha embroidered handbag can be an answer to a lot of your fashion concerns. These bags can be carried on a number of special occasions and to college and regular tuition classes as well. Heavily embroidered potli bags or batuas can be used for keeping bangles or other ornaments. With some people, these bags have remained a favorite simply because of the intricate designs and detailing that goes into the making of each bag.

With the advent of technology and emergence of embroidery machines, kantha embroidery has become a lucid art now. Girls looking for particular designs for their colorful bags can just implement them with the help of these machines - this is definitely one of the reasons why these bags are preferred. Additionally, their reasonable prices have played a big role in making them a favorite among today’s youth. For many, the handmade embroidered bags are just a way to further and strengthen their resolve to constantly revive and popularize Indian handmade goods. No doubt these bags have been a consistent trend even in the changing fashion scenario.

Materials used in Kantha Embroidery Bags

The most amazing fact about the art of kantha-stitched embroidered bags is that they are made of modest materials. Recycled cloth was the basic material on which the women of rural Bengal spun their magic through their designs. While in former times, kantha was mainly used as cradle cloths, bed cloths, and for other domestic purposes, nowadays, these are made from new products. You may try out different designs on your kantha bags but the material remains the same - cloth.

What Occasions and Outfits a Kantha Embroidery Bag is ideal for?


  • The kantha embroidery bags are very useful for regular use. The bags which come in large sizes and shapes are ideal for daily usage in colleges, friendly get-togethers, and informal parties.

  • The bags with simple embroidery can be carried by older women to keep important documents, or just for day-to-day usage.

  • The small batuas which are available in intricate designs are perfect to highlight your look at family functions and friendly outings. These batuas are considered to be very fashionable among Bengali women while attending functions like Rabindra Jayanti or while going out to watch a play with friends as they unmistakably accentuate the traditional look.


  • If you are really a fan of the running stitch (kantha stich), do make sure that your wardrobe has an impressive mix of these bags. The Bengali traditional kantha embroidery bags are suitable for the cool summer look. Team it up with T-shirts and harems or dhoti pants, a simple ring and trendy cartilage studs and a pair of quirky chappals to complete your look.

  • The batuas are a perfect fit for cotton sarees, cotton skirts teamed with cotton kurtas and even for Indo Western look comprising jeans and kurtis.

  • The large rectangular bags can be carried with a saree or skirts. These bags come in great lengths and it is advisable to buy them according to your height.

  • All these bags are a perfect fit with salwar kameez.

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