Cane Craft Handbags

Cane Craft Handbags

Cane craft handbags have been a trendy style especially in the tropical regions. One of the oldest creations of man, cane works are found in different parts of India. Usually made by weavers in a criss cross design, canes are thin but hard sticks which looks great after applying varnish.

From women to college goers, cane handbags are very popular. Unlike leather bags which have stylish zips, pockets, chains and locks; cane craft bags are very simple yet conventional.

These handbags are mainly made in the North Eastern parts of the country like Manipur, Tripura, Arunachal Pradesh, and Assam, aside from Kashmir, Orissa, Bihar, Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

Cane handbags are made from the following:

  • Bamboo
  • Jute
  • Palm Leaves
  • Grass
  • Cane

Why Cane Handbags are so Popular?

Cane craft handbags have gained popularity because of their indigenous flavor and touch of uniqueness in each and every design. Few salient characteristics of cane handbags are:

  1. Cane handbags are available in combination with various types of materials, starting from velvet to embroidery.
  2. These bags are more durable than the others for their material quality.
  3. These bags are strong and therefore various types of materials can be carried and kept in them.
  4. All the bags are handmade and are not made in machines or in assembly line production method.

Cane Handbag
Cane Handbag
Cane Handbag
Cane Handbag

Occasions where you can Use Cane Handbags

Cane handbags, in spite of their unique ethnic designs and looks, go very well in every occasion and even with every kind of modern outfits. Highly stylish with criss cross designs, these bags are always teamed with other materials.

Various occasions in which you can carry cane craft handbags are:

  • Official appointments and meetings Since cane craft bags often include compelling and innovative designs with leather edges, velvets, cotton and jute materials, they fit in formal occasions also.
  • Casual, formal and all kinds of sophisticated parties and rendezvous Since these bags are as durable as jute bags but have a hard yet sophisticated look, you can carry them to range of non-formal occasions.
  • Regular use These bags are hard and can be used for carrying heavy materials. They can be used as everyday bags.

Ideal Outfits for Cane Handbags

These bags can be carried with both western and ethnic wear.

  • Ideally, these bags can be teamed with various types of beach-wear.
  • These bags go well with formal attires like suits and short skirts.
  • They also go well with colorful tops, summer wear and midis.

Cane Handbag
Cane Handbag
Cane Handbag
Cane Handbag

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