Applique Handbags

Applique Handbags

Applique handbags these days are the toast of the sophisticated ladies as well as the daily companions of college going youths. Trendy and funky long tote bags done with appliqué look as appealing as appliqué clutches, potli bags and short handled handbags. Appliqué travel wallets are very functional and great for use while travelling.

Appliqué handbags have a very basic and simplistic beauty which works tremendously in their favor. Colorful patches of different shapes and varieties which are stuck on a handbag have the potential to transform any simple bag into an artistic masterpiece. The good thing about appliqué work is that it can be done on any kind of bag, whatever be the shape, size and texture.

How Appliqué Handbags are Made?

Basically, appliqué refers to applying or stitching patches of fabrics on another fabric. The patches stitched on handbags can be of any material, ranging from simple cotton and rough jeans to sophisticated satin, classy leather and elegant silk. Each material lends a different charm and beauty to the handbag. These patches are decorated with various other designs. For example, satin appliqué is embellished with tatted or crocheted silk to give it a unique beauty. The visual appeal of cottons and jeans appliqué handbags can be enhanced by using different kinds of buttons. Patches can be of flowers, cute little animals, definite and abstract shapes, fruits, cartoon characters, sports articles, vehicles, vegetables, clouds, little girls and boys and so many other things. The list is infinite.

Appliqué handbags are very sturdy. Generally, handbags that have any special designs embossed or imprinted on them are not very useful. They can hold only smaller objects and do not serve the purpose. However, appliqué handbags are quite sturdy and will serve through the situation. Now, that really helps considering how girl’s little suitcases travel along with them whenever on move!

Where to Buy Appliqué Handbags?

Owing to the immense worldwide popularity of appliqué handbags, they are available everywhere. You can shop for these bags at your nearest mall or in the local street markets where you get an equally enchanting selection of these handbags. However, if you want to cut out a lot of trouble from your shopping, you can always order appliqué bags from one of the many online portals which offer designer bags from all over the world.


The cost of appliqué handbags depends on the bag, of course. If you are looking for a simple bag, you can get it for around $15. Usually, it is the amount of appliqué which decides the cost. A small bag which is intricately done costs more than a big bag with very simple appliqué. The most exquisite handbags made out of silk, satin and leather can go up to hundreds of dollars. Similarly, handmade bags are more expensive than machine made ones. There are a lot of factors which influence the price. So, set out your budget and explore all kinds of appliqué handbags, both small and big.

From the Fashion End

The appliqué handbags hold a high end in fashion and give a totally cool look to your attire. Jazz up your wardrobe with a set of appliqué handbags, and keep adding to this classic collection!

These handbags give you the edge while matching your accessories. Since, the patterns are sewed; they can be easily matched with a similar patterned skirt or pants. Also, you could personalize your whole dress with matching accessories, by requesting the designer to use the same appliqué design in your bag and dress. Stores are gearing competitive to provide people with such fabulous, unique items, each designed with a chunk of creativity.

Customized appliqué design - printed handbags can serve as potential gifts for your loved ones. During spring seasons, people can shove away their heavy and dark-colored handbags and go in for a novel, bright-colored, light and multi-purpose appliqué handbags and enjoy the season.

A cool trip to the beach during weekends can be even more fun with the new look, by using appliqué handbags. So, switch to the unique, in-fashion appliqué bags! And say bye-bye to boring, dull patterned, monotonous bags!

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