Terracotta Watches

Terracotta Watches

Terracotta watches, clocks and different kinds of timepieces have gained tremendous popularity because they are excellent in terms of visual appeal and uniqueness. The material, which is essentially clay based, can be molded into a whole lot of styles and figures. Owing to the versatility of this material, it is used to make wall clocks, table clocks and bangle-model wrist watches. Garden clocks made of terracotta are especially famous because terracotta is resistant to different weather conditions. Including this kind of a watch in your garden enhances the rustic appeal of the outdoor space and looks very attractive.

Terracotta Watch CL 026

This exclusively crafted terracotta watch lends a rustic appeal to your home décor with its subtle brown shades.

Terracotta Watch CL 025

The two female figures carved on this beautiful terracotta watch reflect a soft and delicate trance.

Terracotta Watch CL 024

This oval shaped terracotta watch has two delicately crafted faces paired against each other with the Sun God carved above their heads.

Terracotta Watch CL 023

This rough finished ash colored terracotta watch is simple yet elegant in charm and appeal.

Terracotta Watch CL 022

The human and animal figure crafted on this unique terracotta watch is simply splendid.

Terracotta Watch CL 021

The diamond shape and the delicately carved mythological figure make this terracotta watch one of its kind.

Terracotta Watch CL 020

This wonderfully crafted terracotta watch is simply stunning and accentuates your home with unparalleled grace.

Terracotta Watch CL 019

This terracotta watch is exclusively framed which makes it even more exclusive.

Terracotta Watch CL 018

This terracotta watch is crafted keeping in mind the Sagittarian zodiac theme.

Terracotta Watch CL 017

A spider web forms the theme of this intricately carved moss shaded terracotta watch.

Terracotta Watch CL 016

This terracotta watch is crafted keeping in mind the figure of a Greek mythological dignitary.

Terracotta Watch CL 015

This terracotta watch is exclusively framed to maintain the charm of its appearance.

Traditional and modern designs in terracotta watches

The most common design which is most suited for terracotta watches and clocks is the sun design. The round dial with radiating rays and facial features showing different expressions is characteristically terracotta. Clock mechanism is infused in the design and the needles rotate on the dial. The piece looks very artistic and beautiful. Plain round dials are artistically embellished to make the clocks unique. Adding a touch of tradition to these round dials is the inclusion of Warli painting figures and other tribal art forms. Traditional patterns also have pictures of elephants, cows, bulls and deer. This basic model has been altered creatively and numerous patterns are available.

In the recent times, there has been an invasion of creative artisans who have created some very attractive watches, suitable for people of different interests. For instance, you have terracotta watches molded like cartoon characters and look great for a child’s room. If you love art, the range you have is almost infinite.

You have a choice between the authentic unpainted terracotta mud finish and clocks which are painted in colorful patterns. Another option which you have is fusion of different materials. Terracotta center is fixed in metal frames to give a very unique look. The texture of terracotta clocks is what makes them so beautiful. Owing to the easy malleability of clay, different figures are molded as a superimposition to give a 3D effect. Creative painting further enhances these highlights and makes the clock look extremely unique.

Some of the most popular clocks are natural looking ones, followed up by the metallic look clocks. Painted clocks are less popular because the terracotta look is lost when the clock is painted in different colors. So, if you are looking for something that looks as if it is made of mud, you should stick to the basic material which is without embellishments.

Why choose terracotta clocks?

Terracotta clocks are a very environmentally friendly because they are made of clay. They does not cause any sort of pollution and do not release toxic fumes in your home, more so if you do not buy ones which are painted. Terracotta clocks are easier to maintain as well. Simple dusting does it. Being such a versatile material, the number of choices you have in terms of design is also huge. So, you are sure to find something that will catch your fancy. These clocks are also known for their durability and in case they do drop and shatter, the shreds do not fly off like glass, thereby reducing the risk of accidental injury. These clocks are also fire resistance and waterproof, which makes them perfect for outdoor use.

Cost range

The cost of terracotta clock varies depending on the craftsmanship and size and can be anything in between $15 and $100. Do you think $100 is too much for a clay piece? If you do, you should take a look at some of these pieces of art. Their beauty is almost priceless and when they adorn your home, the visual appeal of your space is enhanced as well.

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