Pearl Watches

Pearl Watches

Round-shaped crystalline balls, pearls, found within the shells deep down in the oceans are an important fashion accessory in today’s world. There may be different shades and variety, but the perfectly round ones are more weaved into necklaces to produce the finest of designs. Found in natural beds, pearls are highly acclaimed gemstones that are both admirable and an asset to women.

Apart from usual pearl necklace set, pearl watches are also scoring high in terms of gorgeous look, designs and value as gifts. From weddings, anniversary to birthdays and friendship’s day, pearl watches are stealing the show. The perfect gift for any occasions, pearl watch bracelets are popular for many reasons.

Why Pearl Watches?

  • They are ideal party wear, you can wear with an ethnic as well as western dress.
  • Black, white and pink colors give your hand a sober look.
  • Pearl watches have lovely embellishments on them. Some have metal borders with white stone studded on them.
  • Pearl watches can be worn as a bracelet, like a bangle and also as a chain accessory.
  • They are available in all shapes and sizes. The watch dial can be rectangular, oval, round or square.
  • Classic pearl watches also have diamonds fitted. They are highly expensive ones.
  • Bridal pearl watches have even colored stones matching their dress for the D-Day.

Types of Pearl Watches

  • Natural Pearl Watches – Natural pearls of white, cream, black and pink come in trendy designs.

  • Imitation Pearl Watches – Some pearls are made simply of corals. Though they look great on watches, they are not real and lack the smoothness. However, such watches are affordable.

  • Designer Pearl Watches – Designer pearl watches have extra embellishments and high quality pearls set on them. They are known for their unique designs and dial shapes. You can have a designer watch on special order matching with your dress as well. Other kinds of gemstones are also used on them.

  • Pearl Bracelet Watches – The bracelet watches are much in demand among the younger women who like to wear them as bangles in hands. These bracelets can have a single line pearl or even double and triple. They are loose-fitting as well and do not sit on the wrist perfectly.

  • Baroque Pearl Watches – Baroque pearls are known for their irregular shapes and patterns. They are mostly freshwater pearls and less expensive than the spherical pearls. Fitted on metal watches or forming an irregular string, such baroque pearl watches are popular among teenagers for their junk designs.

Style of Pearl Watches

The style of watches depends on their making and purpose. Fashion watches made of pearl feature all types of junk and irregular designs. The perfect round dial watches are rare nowadays and women love to experiment with the new trends.

  • Curvy – Bracelet and bangle watches have curvy designs and small dial as the focus is on enhancing the look than serving the mere purpose of timekeeping.

  • Square – Since pearl is a women accessory unlike metal watches for men, the square pattern is rare. With a single string of pearls attached to the watch or some loosely fitted pearls on metal base, square-shaped pearl watches are mostly fit for western outfits.

  • Classic Round – The classic round is the vintage pearl watch with the perfect round dial. Simple yet sophisticated, round watches are still popular gifts for a bride to enhance her traditional look.

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