A covering for the feet against dust and cold, footwear is a large fashion industry today ?with global brands popularizing various types of men and women footwear. Sandals, flip-flops, boots, shoes, school wear, party wear and recent inventions in heels are stealing the show. Though the history of high heel shoes dates back to the Middle Ages, it was never a trend. Posh society women wore them to show power and status. English women especially ?were a shoe fetish.

Today, there are varieties of footwear made of jute, wood, rubber and leather and they vary with purpose and occasions. A beach footwear is never similar to the one you wear on your wedding day, also for men a footwear that goes with Indian ethnic wear cannot match with formal office wear.

Materials Used for Footwear Making

The growing footwear industry has a number of components and materials used for making shoes:

  • Leather Footwear made of leather is long lasting and most famous in Kanpur and Lucknow. Leather sandals are open at the back for both men and women. They cover the top of the foot. Leather footwear has fewer embellishments and the polished colors are maroon, red, black straps and brown. Sneakers, sandals and shoes made of leather are available ?in variety.

  • Rubber Sandals of rubber are ideal for use during the rainy season. They are also soft and perfect for beach vacation. Trendy footwear designs are available in rubber made chappals. Adding a feather, some leather strips on rubber sandals and painting them in various colors make rubber footwear fashionable. They are low priced, too?.

  • Metal Metal sandals appeal women especially for their aesthetic designs and bright texture. They are ideal party wear available with embellishments and in black, silver and golden color. Metallic based sandals are popular on the occasion of wedding as well. Metal footwear accessories are well fitted over even leather sandals.

  • Wood Soft wooden footwear is an ancient concept when the bark of trees cut in strips would cover the feet. Presently, wood is an important component for shoe making. Wooden low and high designer heels, flat sandals of wood and also trekking shoes are available.

  • Plastic The plastic shoes are mostly for kids. They have multi colored and bright look that impresses the children. Also plastic shoes weigh light and children find it easy to carry them off.

  • Jute Coir and raw soft jute is an important material for shoe making. Often thread embroidery is done on jute chappals that are comfortable to wear in all season.

Types of Footwear

  • Sneakers Sneakers are athletic shoes famous in European countries. This variety of shoe has a combination of rubber soles and leather canvas casually worn by men and women. The best brands of sneaker footwear are PUMA, Reebok, Nike and Keds.

  • Boots Completely covering the foot and up to the ankle, heeled boots are a present fashion trend. Earlier made of only rubber and leather, boots were used by the cowboys and peasants in the field in England. The popular types of boots available are as follows:
    1. Riding boots
    2. Russian boots
    3. Cowboy boots
    4. Fashion boots
    5. Hiking boots
    Boots differ in style, purpose and look.

  • Sandals In sandals, you have the flip-flops as most popular from decades now. The Hawaii Chappals is a trademark now, meaning the simple footwear that one can wear at home. They have a strap from the second finger that is tied on the two sides of the sandal. Designer footwear are also called sandals, both in flat and high-heel variety.

  • Sports Shoes Lace shoes, derby shoes and also sneakers come under the sports shoe category, used by athletes and sportspersons. Trainers and coaches also highly endorse this kind of shoes.

  • Snow Shoes Enjoy the snow with your feet safe and happy! Snow shoes are a necessity in countries and Indian states that record snowfalls every year. Also during snow trekking, these shoes are useful. They are water resistant and have hard cloth inside to resist snow bites.

Popular Indian Footwear

  • Kolhapuri Footwear Famously known as the Kolhapuri chappal, Kolhapuri footwear are popular handcrafted shoes of Kolhapur in the Indian state of Maharashtra. The famous variety includes bakkalnali, pukari and kachkadi. Made from leather or buffalo hides, they are sold in a range of colors and design. Kolhapuri footwear? are sheer delight for women.

  • Jaipuri Footwear Special kind of footwear sold in Jaipur city of Rajasthan that is known for its embroidery and embellishments with small mirror pieces and beads. They are ideal footwear for weddings and go best with Indian ethnic wear.

  • Mojari Shoes Handcrafted footwear made widely in India and Pakistan. Such shoes are made from vegetable-tanned type of leather and have ceramic beads, thread embroidery and bells on them. They have a gorgeous look with contemporary colors and designs.

Footwear Embroidery 23

Beautiful embroidered footwear is further embellished by the detailed work in multiple shades.

Footwear Embroidery 22

This simple blue colored embroidered footwear has a unique charm of its own which is reflected in your appearance as well.

Footwear Embroidery 21

The blunt edged cream shaded embroidered footwear is uniquely designed keeping in mind the glory of Indian crafts.

Footwear Embroidery 20

This red colored embroidered footwear is further beautified by thread-work and cute little flower.

Footwear Embroidery 19

The beauty and elegance of a newly-wed is revealed when she adorns this embroidered footwear.

Footwear Embroidery 18

The flat edge of this cream shaded embroidered footwear is given an additional charm by the brown colored thread detailing.

Footwear Embroidery 17

This simply crafted embroidered footwear highlights the simple attitude and charm of yours.

Footwear Embroidery 16

Multi-colored stones woven into this brown embroidered footwear emphasize the lively attitude in you.

Footwear Embroidery 15

This deep brown embroidered footwear with stone and wood detailing is modish enough to sport with any outfit.

Footwear Embroidery 14

The thread-work in silver color allover this embroidered footwear showcases the zest of contemporary fashion statement.

Footwear Embroidery 13

The yellow floral motifs crafted on this vibrant red embroidered footwear reflect romanticism with a tinge of funk.

Footwear Embroidery 12

The vibrant orange floral patterns on this pale blue embroidered footwear impart a decked up look for every occasion.

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